Hibiscus & Red Melon 2 in 1 Green Tea

How To Use

Step 1

Start by heating water in a kettle

Step 2

Measure precise tea leaves for the teapot/infuser.

Step 3

Pour the hot water over the leaves

Step 4

Let it steep for the recommended duration

Step 5

train and enjoy sipping your freshly steeped tea.

Our Benefits

Immunity Booster

Boost Energy & Metabolism

Heart Benefits

Improves Wellbeing

Persion Flavoured Cantaloupe

Flavonoid Advantage

Key Ingredients

Green Tea

Loaded with polyphenols, helps to improve metabolic rate, immunity, and brain, and oral health. Helps to prevent inflammation and swelling.


A good source of anthocyanins, it is beneficial in the common cold, to speed up metabolism, and aids digestion. Helps to get better sleep quality.

Persian Melon

Persian melon is a fine-tasting rarely encountered flavor of Persian cantaloupe. Good for immune health, cardiovascular health, digestive health, skin and hair.

Customer Reviews

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The Best!

Best detox tea, super refreshing :)